Spiss Carbide 3,5 mm
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Sandblásturskassi SB-212


Sandblásturskassi með ryksugu.

Innra mál: 115 x 58/29 x 58/31 cm

Ytra mál: 123 x 61 x 170 cm


The Sandblasting Cabinet SB-212 is especially designed for cleaning and sandblasting of all pieces like motorparts, metal pieces, hinges, pannels, antiques and so on.

SB-212 is constructed in steel and comes complete with dustcollector, one sandblasting foot operated gun, 4 ceramic nozzles, air pressure gauge, air pressure valve, lightning and gloves.

This cabinet has a large front door opening.

Recommended media : glassbeads, glasgrit, walnut shells and garnet.
Air consumption : from 400 lit/min.
Complete recycling system.
Dust collector with microfilter.
Sandblasting gun with foot pedal.
2 ceramic nozzles 6 mm (air consumption 400 lit/min at 5 Bar)
2 ceramic nozzles 7 mm (air consumption 700 lit/min at 5 Bar)
5 Lens Protectors and 5 protection films for the window of the ligtning.
Needs assembling of feet, funnel and dust collector.
Double Fluorescent light.
Air Pressure Gauge.
Air Pressure Valve.
The cabinet is provided inside with a bottom screen.
Work area : L115 x D58/29 x H58/31 cm
Dimensions without dustcollector : L123 x D61 x H170 cm
Dimensions with dustcollector : L123 x D92 x H170 cm
L133xD93xH170cm (dimensions without dustcollector)
Weight : 124 kg