Sandblásturskútur SB-20
Garnet 30/60
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Tank dimensions L x W x H:  500x290x250 mm
Total dimensions L x W x H:  570x360x450 mm
Basket dimensions L x W X H: 460 x 270 x 140 mm
Tank volume:  36 L
Tension:  230V
Consumption:  500 W
Heat:  20 – 80°C
Heat ultrasonic output:  800 W
Timer:  0 – 30’



High-performance ultrasonic cleaning machine transducer and unique ultrasonic generator (ultrasonic generator and cleaning tank can be chosen by customers with integrated type or split ultrasonic cleaner), with feature of strong cleaning power, stable cleaning performance.

All adopted with high quality USC-D36 grade stainless steel cleaning shell, stainless steel structure, which is anti-acid and anti-alkali, with apperance looks nice.

Can be adopted as water-based solvents or environmentally friendly organic solution for cleaning, with advantage of environmentally friendly.

Working time could be set from 0-30 minutes arbitrarily by users’ own will.

With automatic temperature control heating device, temperature control range from 20-80 ℃.

Adjustable ultrasonic power. You can use two different frequencies to clean different materials, structures, hole, slit workpiece.

Working long hours continuous, safe and easy to operate, also the design and manufacture can be according to customer requirements.

The use of high-end ultrasound transducer and Swiss bonding technology, powerful ultrasonic output power. Patented ultrasonic control technology, digital or mechanical type, power, time, mode of operation can be adjusted.